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Our Pixies have you covered

House Keeping

We all need a Pixie in our life, our team of Housekeepers don't just clean we care. Tailored services to provide everything your home needs...

Venue Cleaning

Leading the way in venue cleaning, when it comes to venue cleaning, my Pixie's have you covered. Ensuring YOUR venue never drops its standard's..... For a tailored service we have you covered.. We don't just clean, we care...

Dog Walking

Pixie dog walking, we allow you to keep your commitments, We provide the necessary exercises needed for your fur babies And we always have treats... We don't just clean, we walk dogs...

Toilet Attendants

Our Pixie's are available to ensure hygiene standards never drop, especially in the toilet. This is where all the germs get together, not to worry my Pixie's are ready. We don't just clean, we care...


Festival Services

Festival services Combine it all full Covid-19 eradication, on site cleaning staff, litter pickers, toilet staff and full surface sanitation fogging. Keep your guests safe. We don't just clean, we clean and dance at festivals...

Litter Picking

We can provide litter picking Pixies for any occasion


Kitchen & Oven

Home Ovens Restaurant Oven Clean Industrial Oven Clean With a touch of Pixie magic, the oven will be like new... We don't just clean, we care...


Shopping Services

If you cant get out we will be there, everyone needs a helping hand. We don't just clean, we'll do the shopping too...

Deep Clean

Let my pixie team dust away the clutter, get the house in order. Our Pixie Deep Clean is perfect for those just needing a hand to get on top of things, moving home and selling home clean. We don't just clean we clean deep...

Pixie Edits

Let us redesign your storage spaces, and organise your life for you.


Need extra hands for moving home? cleaning your garden? or require a tailored service get in contact. We don't just clean, We care...


What our customers say

Know us

#"Getting to know you..."

  • Who we are

    A family run company who are passionate about providing a reliable, safe and affordable service..
    We don't just clean... We care..

  • Why us

    Booking a Pixie has become essential, especially in 2020 now the world changed forever!!! Our pixie promise is customer satisfaction every time. 

  • Tailored to your needs 

    With over 15 years experience in all aspects of cleaning and  COVID-19 training, our team has you covered every time. No job is too big for our Pixies!!!.

  • Our Values

    Our mission is to make the world a cleaner place, fight COVID-19 while helping you save time, money and effort. Wouldn't it be nice if every place had a Pixie, well that's our vision.

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